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    About NovacLearning
    About NovacLearning
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We create and

ideate business solutions

Novac Learning provides unrivaled learning technology and learning solutions to business that allows their employees to be the jack of all trades. We also offer IT and ITES services to usher the digital era to the slew of companies. As said, we deploy evidence-based methodology to meet the needs, design and performance sectors of the organization.

We aim to bring learning to the learner regardless of their abilities and their skills in making use of the learning resources required to excel at their job. To integrate this goal, we deploy the 3 point approaches to our solutions.

Our 3 point approach


Help learners comprehend and partake on the information

Our learning solution developers integrate various methods to help learners to comprehend information through a wide range of mediums like audio, video, infographic, text and other types of visualization.


Maximize learner’s efforts, perseverance, and regulation by implementing strategies

Impart strategies to increase the learner’s effort, persistence, and realization through effective solutions. They retain value and authenticity so that the learners can transfer their knowledge and skills on the job to improve their performance. Infallible exploration, collaboration, and positive feedback make our solution stand apart from its counterparts.


Steadfast learning brings in behavioral skill and thought process

The learning process will bring about a change in behavior skills and thought process to enhance the performance of the skills thus learned. We keep in mind about designing the learning assets tailored for each type of course that facilitates the learners to monitor their own performance without any hassles.

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